Amazing! sissy slave mark

Dear Mistress,
Thank You for an afternoon i will remember for the rest of my life.
i woke up this morning with my clitty rock hard and trying to burst through the bars of my chastity cage, which remains locked on. It was literally purple.
It’s hard to pick a favorite moment. Just buying coffee for You was a surprising turn on, following Your instructions in public to do something to please You.
You made it clear throughout our session that You were in total control, dominating me with a power i had never experienced before. You pushed me through a limit by forcing me not just to kiss the tip of Your Lady Cock, but to lick and even suck on it, and i didn’t gag on it. You spit in my mouth and in my face often, not just once or twice because i like it, but to establish a pattern of psychological control that was extremely convincing. And then You placed a very effective shock collar around my balls and used it expertly, to tease me with a gentle buzz but then torture me with the highest setting. For the first time, i was a slave submitting and obeying not just because i enjoy it, but because if i didn’t please You in just the right way, i would pay real consequences. That was thrilling. It’s the difference between acting like a slave and actually being one.
Then, there were the moments of pure perfection: the HOM smothering with Your elegant hands and fragrant leather gloves, being smothered under both of Your incredible, pantyhose-covered feet, worshipping Your legs, feet and ass while you relaxed like a queen on Your torture table, and massaging Your feet, one at a time, and being shocked and punished when I didn’t do it right.
Finally, there were the two very best moments of an afternoon filled with them. First, being fucked over and over by You while being tightly bound, with bigger and bigger cocks, while You mocked and humiliated me for being such a sissy whore, with a well-used, gaping sissy pussy. You pumped Your lady cock into me again and again, as I gasped into the leather glove You had tied around my mouth and nose. I lustfully inhaled the scent of Your leather as You pounded my sissy pussy. Then you inserted a vibrating butt plug to further mesmerize me.
And for the finale, a stroke of brilliance: You strapped me down on the table, inserted an anal hook, and tied it to a chain above the table. i wondered what You were doing. Then You mounted me and sat on my face, and I licked and kissed Your pantyhose covered ass while You bounced up and down and pulled on the hook. You kept the chastity cage locked on me, and i thought You might choose to send me home denied and frustrated, which for a sissy in chastity like me, would have been its own pleasure. But then i realized what was happening, as a prostate orgasm ripped through my body as I was gasping for air in the heaven beneath Your incredible ass. i came hard, or at least it felt like it, but instead of the emptiness that follows a normal orgasm, it was is if nothing had changed. No loss of desire. i adored You every bit as much as i did before i came.
i don’t know when i’ll remove the chastity cage or when i’ll have my next orgasm. But i can promise You that i’ll be thinking of You, Your beauty and power, when i come next, and very likely every night as i drift off to sleep.
i look forward to our next time together, but i don’t know how You will ever top what You did to me yesterday.
Thank You, thank You, thank You. You are truly a Goddess.
sissy slave mark