BLACK THORN- Part One by slave 9


Stephen Daniels sat at his large desk and stared at the wall, his mind somewhere far away.  It was Monday, 10:20am.  It had been over 5 weeks since everything changed – since the surprise of his life had come that Friday night when he found out his seductive employee, Dana Stern, was secretly a Mistress of the “Society”. And each Friday since, he’d been summoned back by her for lengthy punishments & extended torment.  Twice she had actually kept him captive for the duration of the weekend. To make things even worse, each week she invited a new Mistress to assist her.  He’d never experienced such agony as the Sunday evening a week earlier – Dana and Lady Janet inflicted a severe 30-minute single-tail whipping. They had locked his wrists to a suspension cable, stretching him to the tips of his toes, with his feet widened by a spreader bar that was locked in place to an eye bolt in the floor.  Mr. Daniel’s taut body could only writhe as his flesh was thoroughly striped by the leather-clad Dominas.

He sat there at his desk picturing the marks and bruising hidden under his suit and tie. He was totally at her mercy, and he knew it. He had no choice but to follow her orders or be exposed to the entire firm.   His thoughts were interrupted by his assistant who entered his office carrying a padded envelope.  She announced the package had just been delivered by courier.  It was labeled “confidential”.  He thanked her for bringing it to him and ask her to shut the door on her way out.  His curiosity was peaked because packages were rarely ever couriered anymore. He tore open the top and reached inside – what he pulled out made his eyes widen and his pulse jump.  He stared frozen at the thick piece of paper and the menacing first words at the top.  Then he began to read:





You are hereby notified that the Supreme Women of Atlanta are temporarily transferring your servitude to the Women of ‘Black Thorn’. Our “sister felines” run what they refer to as a ‘Correctional Institute’ where male slaves who have regressed are sent so they may undergo a more serious and penal form of discipline and attitude adjustment.

 Enclosed is your new summoning device.  Do not attempt to change any of the settings or make any calls. You will be expected to answer immediately after hearing its alarm. Beginning tonight at 9pm sharp you will go down in your basement, kneel at attention, lights off, and await your first summons. If it does not come by midnight, you are dismissed. You will then repeat the process each night until it comes. Upon receiving your summons, leave nothing to chance.  Follow every command to the letter. Do Not Disappoint!  These women can, and most assuredly will, be cruel and diabolical in how they punish you for your shortcomings.

 I think you are going to find these next few weeks to be quite grueling.  You had better plan on missing a day or two in the office, especially Mondays.  I also recommend you cancel any evening social plans or engagements you might have on your calendar. The women of Black Thorn are very demanding and will likely see to it that most of your “free” time is spent inside their walls. It didn’t have to come to this Mr. Daniels. You have no one to blame but yourself.  Farewell…..for now.

 Mistress Dana Stern



Stephen Daniels found himself short of breath, his heart pounding. He placed the device in his shirt pocket, shredded the notification, and left his office – telling his assistant that he wasn’t feeling well and was going home. He remained there for days, paralyzed by fear and anxiety. On the 4th night in his kneeling position, the shrill alarm sounded.

He lunged for the device in front of him as he gasped for breath. The LCD readout read “SUMMONS!!”

He answered quickly, holding it to his ear with his now trembling hand.

“Good evening Mistress!  This is Slave 9!  How may I serve you?”

“You have 10 seconds to strip and drop to your knees at attention” “Yes Mistress!”

He tore at his shirt and scampered out of his clothes faster than he ever had before.

“…3, 2, 1…are you in position slave?”  Stephen Daniels grabbed the phone and replied, “Yes Mistress!”

The Mistress’s voice was cold and imposing.  “Your trial servitude to BLACK THORN begins right now.

Pay very close attention and commit the following to memory.” The attorney’s mind was spinning as he desperately tried to focus.

“Upon completion of this summons you will report immediately to the Chambers of Black Thorn.

The location is {redacted} … and follow GPS directions from there. Turn up the driveway and proceed to the Main house and park in the rear.

Find the outside basement steps that lead down to a red wooden door.  Knock firmly, 3 times, and then kneel with your head to the ground.” Stephen Daniels heart was pounding.

“Do you understand these instructions clearly?”  “Yes Mistress!”, he responded instantly.

“The estimated drive-time is roughly 45 minutes.  You however, are allotted only 40. Do not dare be late. You do not even want to imagine your fate should that happen. The clock starts now.”

Stephen Daniels sped up the driveway with only a couple of minutes to spare. The mansion was dark, not a single light burning – inside or out.  He parked and quickly found the staircase. He knocked and assumed the ordered position.

70 Minutes Later

 Stephen Daniel’s muscles ached as he felt the hard wood of the bench digging into his shoulder blades.

His wrists & ankles were pulled and locked to the underside of the bench. His head was being squeezed by a tight fitting rubber hood – he could smell the latex and it was arousing. His body had been stripped naked and he could feel the beads of sweat that had formed on flesh.

The room was painted a deep red with black accents.  Assorted implements adorned one wall while the other featured an ornate throne chair, sitting atop a large pedestal.  He was completely immobile and the feeling was sending the blood rushing to his head – Black Thorn!  The reality suddenly hit him.

This was actually happening! He had no idea what was to come, but he knew it would be harsh.

Suddenly the wooden door unlatched and swung open. He craned his neck to see.  The woman was stunning.  She moved forward and stood behind him, looking straight down into his eyes.  Her shiny skin-tight outfit accented her voluptuous body. She towered over him.  He was completely entranced.

“Good evening Slave.  I hope your hour long stay on my bench hasn’t been too grueling.  My name is Mistress Julia Steele.  I am the High Priestess of Black Thorn.  You are deep in the inner catacombs of our secret chambers.  Outside those doors is a series of unique punishment rooms, each one designed to inflict intolerable cruelty. You will be “experiencing” every one of them before your sentence here is completed.”  Her moist red lips turned a devilish grin and Stephen Daniel felt a wave of panic come over him.  “Two more hours on the bench slave, and then you’ll be going to the Caning Room.”