How can one explain or review perfection?

The day I was looking forward to had come. I had been in Contact with Mistress Julia Steele since first inquiring about the session a month or so earlier. In any of Our/our communications She exuded a dominant presence and elegance. Her instructions were simple arrive at the assigned location at between 5:55 and 6:00. I arrived as directed and rang the door bell and in moments it was answered by the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I will not describe Her attire suffice to say that She definitely dresses to impress…. Or rather intimidate. Mistress Julia invited me in, Her voice was inviting, alluring, and very controlling but without harshness. We spoke for a minute and I gave Her the appreciation gift I brought her. She directed me down a set of stairs into the Dungeon. Mistress Julia’s Dungeon was of course well equipped and very tasteful. Mistress Julia gave me a quick tour of the space then directed me to an adjoining restroom. She instructed me to strip and then present myself upon my knees before Her in the middle of the Dungeon floor for inspection. I followed Her instructions and soon found myself in a place I never imagined I would ever be physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Believe me when i tell you that should you find yourself in the presence of Mistress Julia Steele you will be in the presence of divinity. During the time before the session We/we spoke of my interest online, me explaining my Fetishes and my mind set and my limits. One thing i knew i wanted to be allowed to be for Mistress Julia was Her ashtray. Mistress Julia happily allowed me to preform that duty for Her, even awarding me with Her own mark of approval on the underside of my tongue. A mark that i would happily wear forever if i could. Without telling to much of the experience She allowed me to be a part of, i will  say that my body and mind traveled the complete spectrum of emotions and sensations. All of which i would happily endure again to be in the presence of Mistress Julia Steele. The experience lasted 3 hours, three hours of which was the most alive, serene, useful, and devoted at that time i ever felt in my 47 years of life.  Once finished i bid Mistress Julia farewell as i left I could only explain i felt a part of myself was left behind but i left knowing my life was changed and for the best by Mistress Julia Steele. This ends the story of my first experience i had at the hands of what can only be explained as perfection. There is more to tell but only if Mistress Julia allows me to write about my second encounter with Her .
With the Admiration & Respect,