1. A woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive.
2. An alluring woman who seduces or exploits men.
3. A woman who tempts, especially sexually.

femme fatale

I am a well known and highly acclaimed Professional Dominatrix with over a decade of experience subjugating and erotically controlling those who place themselves in My capable hands. I use men for MY pleasure, and they love Me for it!

I revel in using My sensuality and disciplinarian nature to bring My partners to a fully submissive state. I pride Myself on My ability to seduce my victims into total compliance. I will have you captivated from the moment I open the door.

You will see delight gleaming in My eyes as I strip away your power, and you will become a slut for Me, a toy to be used.

I understand the power of the feminine mystique- the sights, the scents, the touches, the tastes. I will use all of them to gain My advantage over you, to make you a slave to your desire for Me! You will hand over your body and mind to Me. I will use you. I will train you. I will control you. You will serve Me. You will worship Me. You will obey Me. You will suffer for Me.

~ Ms. Julia Steele
“The Ass Worship Queen of Atlanta!”