my Day with the stunning Ms. Julia Steele – paul

She controls me.

She dominates my mind.

She fucks with my head.

She overwhelms my body.

She consumes me.

She is tall and beautiful.

She is a stunning fetish goddess in latex and leather.

She wears heels that i am dying to worship.

She has an incredible ass that captures me like a deer in headlights.

She leads me in and chastises me for being late.

She instructs that she will punish me for it.

She accepts my gift with grace.

She leads me into her domain.

She commanded me to wear a cock cage and present her with the key.
She demanded that i wear my leather shorts and bring my collection of sissy panties. She confirms that i prepared as she instructed and i provide her the key to my cage. She instructs me to undress and kneel for her inspection. She circles like a lion around its prey. She tells me that she is taking all control and I will belong to her. She collars me.She leashes me. She graciously allows me to lovingly adore her stunning shiny black patent boots.

She stops me shortly and says that it is time to warm me up. She laces leather sleeves with mittens up my arms. She leads me to her bondage chair and attaches the sleeves out wide. She straps my ankles and legs to chair so that i am completely immobile. She shoves a ball gag in my mouth and says that the only thing she wants to hear from me are my groans. She twists my nipples and laughs. She explains that my pain and suffering will please her. She plugs in her vibrator and teases my cock in its cage. She laughs as i groan in pleasure and throb against the steel cage. She explains that the pleasure comes with a cost of pain; ying and yang. She plugs in her violet wand and counters the pleasure with electric shocks of pain. She laughs at my predicament. She castigates me for the slobber that comes from behind the gag. She whips me with her single tail, much to her amusement. She maintains a commanding presence with beauty and grace, Her red hair and eyes shining.

She states that she wants to fuck me in the ass. She pulls on a leather strap on harness and chooses a dildo for it. She releases me from the chair and commands me to kneel in the middle of the room.
She attacks my mouth with her cock. She berates me for giving a poor blow job. She chokes me with the cock. She comments that i have a small useless mouth and that she hopes my pussy is larger than my mouth.
She places a leather hood over my head and tightens the laces. She leads me to spanking bench and fastens me to it face down with straps across my back and legs. She instructs me to stop struggling. She allows me to watch Her as much as i can in the mirror. She abuses my rear end and delights at the red color. She paddles me. She flogs me. She whips me. She chuckles in amusement as i struggle in pain. She blindfolds me. She explores me with Her fingers. She fucks me with her strap on. She revels in the pain and pleasure that i am experiencing. She plugs me and turns on the vibrator with several speeds until She finds one that She likes. She blazes my ass with Her whip while the vibrator pulses in me.

She releases me and takes off the blindfold and hood. She leads me to Her bondage table and attaches my arms and legs to the side so that i am again immobile. She graciously removes the cock cage. She icily replaces it with four rubber loops attached to a tens unit. She joys in playing with the controls and the painful shocks to my cock. She whips my cock with a flogger while the tens unit surges electricity into me. She amuses herself by adjusting the vibrations from the plug that continues to pulse inside me.
She carefully climbs on top of me and smothers me in Her glorious rear end. She bestows on me the grace that is Her spectacular ass, and i am in heaven.  

She is one of a kind.

She is sensational.