New Review by slave mike

In a mid-Summer 2017 visit to Mistress Julia Steele, I was reminded how truly delightful it is to discover a beautiful, sultry, and confident Dominatrix who understands, flaunts, and uses Her control over a submissive.  Ms. Steele opened her door to the enchantment of so many gorgeous physical features, a dose of grace, with power and authority exuding. From the moment of entry to Ms. Steele’s discreet and safe quarters, while climbing stairs with the glorious sight of Her intoxicating backside swaying closely in my face, I found myself wishing for more flights.  Upon introduction to her parlor of control, ones’s gaze skips between many implements of play, until summoned to kneel bare at her feet before her throne. Attention is then demanded to the tasks at hand.
Very fulfilling foot worship ensued, involving shoes, nylons, and bare feet, through oral and massage techniques.  The visit proceeded through energetic and creative CBT, involving those aforementioned wonderful feet and a bit of trampling, clothes pins, restraint, electric enlightenment, slaps and kicks.  Some of this was provided with a stern, punitive attitude and delivery, and some playful and teasing, with both styles very much appreciated.  A good bit of NT was provided for good measure, including clamps and Ms. Steele’s lovely and dangerous fingers.  A nice dose or two of humiliation was delivered with a well practiced air.
Ms. Steele used several bondage techniques and rewarded that captivity with an untiring delivery of corporal, using varying implements of delight and intensity.  At times, I was also required to maintain a plugged and sometimes plundered rear cavity.  Again, style and flair was used to expand my abilities to serve in this area.
As Ms. Steele realized my level of excitement was growing through Her use of me, She allowed me the honor of Her straddling my face with her mesmerizing ass, enticing me further with my overwhelming desire to worship underneath Her with the clock unplugged.  She absolutely delivered a wonderful two hour session, and left me wanting so much more.  Please keep in mind that throughout my visit, Ms. Steele’s top to bottom and back to front beauty was always on display and so appreciated each and every time She was gazed upon.
I remain a convinced and committed slave to my desire for future service to Mistress Julia Steele of Atlanta.