New review submitted by “greg e.”

I’ve seen Ms Steele’s pics on her sites and was mesmerized. I summoned up the courage to reach out and started by email, then a phone call and finally I was invited to her dungeon. I have to admit, I was nervous the first time I met her, but while she is strict, she has a way of comforting you…well, at least until you’re safely secured inside.

The first thing you’ll notice is her beauty. Ms Steele keeps herself fit and trim, and if you are a “leg sub”, then you’re gonna LOVE Ms Steele. After talking with her by phone, she gave me the directions and I was on my way. I arrived at her nice, townhouse location with no issues at all. Rang the doorbell and the door opens, with her hiding behind. When I get inside, she is stunning…absolutely stunning. We exchanged greetings and I was allowed to follow her up the stairs (thank  goodness for stairs). I couldn’t keep my eyes off her sexy legs. She was wearing sexy heels, nude legs and a tight fitting black bodice. She looked sensational, and as I said, I got to watch her legs at eye level as she took me up to her dungeon.

We chatted a bit about my likes and dislikes, limits and possibilities. She ordered me into the bathroom to shower and return with nothing on. I left my donation on the bench and did as I was told.
When I came out, my cock was rock hard. I like to wear a cock ring, so this only enhanced my obvious excitement. The first thing she did was place wrist restraints on me, then secure me to an overhead chain. Next she placed my ankles into a standing “cock” stand where they were secured by steel cuffs and locked. The stand has an adjustable attachment that she brought up to cock height and secure my cock inside it, much like an old time stocks used in colonial times. Secured as I was, there was nowhere I could move, and my cock, throbbing ever harder, was exposed to her every whim.
She started with spiked gloves, teasing my balls and shaft, bringing both pain and pleasure. Next she brought out a TENS unit. For this, she placed a ring around the base of my cock and then used another attachment that fit over the head of my cock with a short, maybe 1 inch insert, which went “into” my cock w/ an electrode on it. Wires all connected, she started to let me feel the tingle. It started nice and felt really good…then she flipped something on the box that reminded me any pleasure was short lived…it gave me a shock that made me pull back…of course, my cock was secured, so that was a pointless effort…she laughed. This continued for I don’t know how long, then she went to phase 2.
She had me lie on her bench with a dental gag in my mouth. My arms were secured to the table as well, keeping me in place. Finally, she secured my ankles up over my head so that my cock was pointed right into my forced open mouth. Next she put a sheath of some kind on a vibrating wand that then fit over my penis. She stood over my me, my head holding it in place with her sexy heels (me looking up her sexy legs). While she vibrated and teased my cock, pointing my penis at my open mouth, she used the spiked glove on my balls…pleasure and pain…it all starts to run together.
Well, you can guess that I didn’t last very long…and I shot a huge load that landed squarely in my mouth…me helpless to stop it. When I was done, she wasn’t…she just kept on vibrating my cock to the point it became so super sensitive…me unable to move or get away.
Ms Steele is a gorgeous lady, and will go as hard as you are willing to take. I will go back often (have in fact) and she is my ATF bar none. She has a sexy female sub that I hope to do a double with soon.