sissy maid meadow

Yet again, I find myself in the unenviable position of trying to put into words an indescribable experience at the hands of Mistress Julia Steele. However, I will do my best to recount my latest time serving my Goddess.

I arrived in Atlanta a day before my appointed session time. As a proper sissy I feel it is best to arrive early and spend a good amount of time preparing myself. I stretched out my sissy hole and shaved myself completely bare. 

I arrived at Mistress’s lair promptly on time with a gift basket and my sissy under garments on underneath my business casual male attire. After closing me in her domain Mistress greeted me and immediately had me under her full control. Her leather outfit was beyond description. Quickly Mistress had me shed my male attire and helped me into my PVC maid uniform and hood bringing Sissy Meadow back to life in her dungeon. 

To begin Mistress had me kneel and placed me in wrist restraints while also putting her service gag in my mouth as I would be holding her ashtray. For the next 10 minutes I dutifully held Mistress’s ash tray high as she talked softly to me about what was going to occur. Upon completion Mistress took me over her knee for an extended and classic over the knee spanking and paddling. In her genius Mistress instructed me to hold on to her gorgeous boots as I endured my punishment. 

Upon finishing my punishment Mistress had me kneel and wait as she retrieved her new strap-on harness I bought her. I knew this harness would look perfect on Mistress and I was not wrong. It took some adjusting and I was given the honor of helping dial in the fit of the instrument that was going to destroy me. Once she was happy Mistress returned with cock attached and thoroughly abused my sissy mouth, she even took a video of me worshiping her cock. I must admit I love being on display for Mistress!

Soon I was shackled to Mistress’s fuck bench and given a thorough fucking with Mistress’s cock; however, I had begged her to use her infamous “long dong” on my sissy hole. Mistress strapped up and proceeded to sink her cock in me; however, despite my prep it simply would not go all the way in. Mistress kept trying and gave me a thorough pounding until she was satisfied I was spent. 

At this point I had no idea what to expect next and Mistress had me lay down. Before I knew what was happening Mistress had placed her toilet chair over my head and tied my arms to the legs. This was personally amazing as I find being under a toilet chair to be an incredible feeling and adding the bondage made it even more fulfilling. Mistress sat down on her throne and began smothering me. Quickly she instructed me to prepare to receive her nectar and I eagerly gulped down every drop. (Aside, Mistress’s golden is truly amazing) 

Once she was done I expected Mistress to get up instead she continued to smother and bounce on my face. As Mistress smothered me constantly underneath her chair I realized the depth of my submission to my Goddess. Eventually, Mistress decided to remove the cage around my sissy clit and she proceeded to tease and slap her sissy clit. I begged for release for what seemed an eternity until finally I erupted in a full body explosion of submission.

After finally coming down off my considerable high I had the honor of spending an hour cleaning Mistress’s dungeon while we chitchatted about a myriad of subjects. This marked my third session of the year with Mistress and every session I fall deeper into submission to her. This session we had virtually no discussion on limits or expectations and I now know this is how it should be with the session particulars at Mistress’s whims. I anxiously await the next chance to fulfill what I now know is my submissive destiny serving Mistress Julia Steele.