sissy meadow

When you have a session that is truly breathtaking it is only right that you recount it so others can get a glimpse of the euphoria you were fortunate enough to experience.
After a 10 year gap in service I recently finally found myself once again submitting to Ms. Julia Steele. After reaching out to Mistress, I was immediately struck by her warm and incredibly responsive professionalism in contact. Some doms profess a certain number maximum emails; however, I never once felt pressured by Mistress’s conversations as we ironed out what would be the best course for my training. At this point in my life I was finally ready to fully immerse myself in becoming the sissy I have known I was meant to be and Mistress was more than eager to help. I arrived a day early for our session and prepared accordingly the morning of by shaving completely and preparing my hole for Mistress’s training. That morning Mistress tweeted out two separate tweets in reference to our session. This seemingly minor act underlines what sets Mistress apart from other doms as she shows such dedication for each submissive. Mistress requested extra lube and a coffee for our session and also ordered me to be dressed accordingly as a sissy should under my masculine clothing.
I arrived at Mistress’s location and needless to say the simple act of arriving at her dungeon is a sublimal message that you cannot escape your fate, not that you would want to! As Mistress greeted me I was instantly awe struck by her breathtaking beauty and her skill in exploiting the fetishes I revealed as she was stunning in her incredible boots and leather corset. I presented a gift of wine to her, hands shaking, which she genuinely appreciated and took in her new dungeon which is a marvel to say the least. At this point, I was ordered to strip and present myself as sissy meadow. Mistress complimented me on my outfit choice and we completed my look with my heels, wig, and leather maid outfit. After critiquing my walk Mistress wasted no time in putting me in bondage in her devilishly designed chair. Mistress determined I needed make up to further my sissy transformation and she applied lipstick and eye makeup to her satisfaction. 
Properly prepped I began my service to Mistress as both her ashtray holder and becoming her ashtray myself. Her skill with this simple act quickly drove into submissive headspace. While serving as her ashtray Mistress also began preparing my hole for her later usage inserting a vibrating plug into my sissy hole. Eventually, Mistress released me and had me crawl to her position for a bit of sissy punishment. As I was crawling I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, dressed, made up, feminized crawling towards a world class dom and I instantly felt a sense of content satisfaction in my new position. Mistress then ordered me over her lap for an OTK spanking. There is nothing a dirty sissy deserves more than a proper spanking!
With my sissy ass properly colored Mistress ordered me down and had me properly worship her boots. I was then quickly led to another piece of bondage equipment where my legs were raised up and my sissy hole fully exposed. The small plug was removed and Mistress went to work with a medium plug and commented how open and slutty my sissy hole was and I saw a truly devilish smirk go across her face as she remarked that I needed something “special”. 
I could not see what Mistress was up to and then she reappeared wearing a strap-on with a dildo attached that had to be close to 16” long. She smiled, that beautiful but dark smile with intention, and told me she wanted to see me handle it. I was let down and put on my knees in front of her mirror and told to worship her giant cock. I looked at the mirror and saw a true leather goddess using her leather sissy maid as her slut and knew I was where I belonged. Mistress ordered me up on her table and I was again put in bondage. Mistress then got behind me and I felt her monster begin to invade me. I could not take it all and felt genuine severe disappointment at failing. Mistress switched out dildos to her pink “sissy destroyer” which was shorter but thicker and proceeded to properly own her new sissy. Her mastery of her strap-on is unparalled as she simultaneously took me to heights of pleasure while also unequivocally reasserting her control of me. After a proper usage of my hole Mistress announced she needed to use me again as her bladder had been rocked by the fucking she gave me and I knew the time had come to receive her nectar.
Mistress laid me down and stood tall over me and then managed to hit my mouth with almost all of her glorious piss. I eaglerly swallowed and felt truly lucky to have received this gift. Mistress led me back to the table and restrained me again lying face up and she began torturing my sissy clitty. Finally, Mistress straddled me and crushed me with her perfect, and I use that word deliberately as it truly is perfect, ass as she continued to torture my small sissy clit. Eventually, she allowed my release and our session came to an end. 
After my release Mistress allowed me to recover and then offered a shower. After I had cleaned up we chatted for a rather nice period on a variety of topics and it became apparent again how Mistress truly cares about her clients beyond simple session protocols. As I write this days later I cannot express my desire to serve again enough. If you are reading this and have not served Ms. Julia Steele, you are truly missing out.
~ sissy meadow