sissy missy’s slutty Sunday

What a wonderful, slutty Sunday it was.
sissy missy was ready for a sexy afternoon of fucking and sucking. But she got so much more than she bargained for. Her clitty, sissy pussy, mouth and ass were tortured and abused, and she was treated cruelly like a whore fuck toy such as she deserves.
missy arrived in a sexy black minidress that just barely covered her locked up clitty, swollen from nearly a week in a tight-fitting steel chastity cage. She wore sheer thigh-high black stockings with a wide lace band at the top, and underneath a lacy bra that was well-stuffed to give her large, rounded breasts. But Mistress immediately noticed a flaw in her outfit. There were no sexy high heels! So Mistress went into the closet and found a nice large pair of four-inch black and gold shoes, with very slender metal heels. Missy put them on immediately, excited by the chance to look even sluttier than she did.
missy had a hard time walking in her new heels, even though she knew she had to keep her weight on the toe and set the heel down after taking each step. Mistress laughed at missy and offered her a way to keep from falling — by chaining her to the ceiling of her new dungeon! Mistress looked in the mirror and noted that the heels did an excellent job of defining missy’s long legs. missy felt better — until she felt Mistress’ riding crop slashing into her delicate ass.
Once she was warmed up, missy got a difficult tour of the new dungeon. Mistress collared missy and attached a leash to the tight leather collar, leading her around the dungeon several times as she hobbled on the sexy heels. Don’t fall missy!
After her tour of the dungeon, missy finally got to sit down. Unfortunately it was in Mistress Julia’s CBT torture chair. After making a few adjustments to the chair so missy’s legs were properly spread to their full slut position, Mistress whipped missy’s sissy balls and swollen clitty. But there was a problem! missy’s chastity cage was making it hard for Mistress to really sting missy’s clitty and balls. Fortunately, there was a solution. Mistress unlocked missy’s cage and of course her clitty immediately sprung to its full, erect state. What an inviting target it made, and Mistress took full advantage, lashing and stinging her clitty and sissy balls until they were welted, purple, and sore.
Next, Mistress shouted with glee. She had gotten a wonderful idea. Mistress found a thick, coarse rope and tied it tightly around missy’s sissy balls, which were quite swollen with cum. Mistress then unlocked the wheels of the cbt chair, pulled on the rope attached only to missy’s sissy balls, and was able to wheel the chair around the dungeon. How fun for Mistress, but not so much for poor missy, who was in terrible pain.
Mistress liked the heels and the black minidress on missy, but the sissy slave hadn’t yet reached her full slut whore potential. So Mistress took out a long blonde wig and fitted it in place. “Missy is definitely a blonde,” she said.
Then, Mistress got another great idea. Wouldn’t missy look great in some super-slutty bright red lipstick? Well, of course she would. So Mistress got out a red lip liner and her brightest red slut lipstick and gave missy some nice full slut lips! Still, something was missing. missy needed some gloss on her lips. Fortunately, missy had leaked a puddle of pre-cum, so Mistress Julia scooped it up and applied it directly to missy’s lips for a nice glossy coating. There was a bit left over, so missy hungrily licked it from Mistress’ gloved hand.
Mistress wasn’t quite ready to fuck missy yet, though the slut knew her sissy pussy would be well-used before the day was done. First though, missy had to suck the cock that would be used to fuck her! In and out, Mistress inserted the dildo into missy’s waiting mouth, between her slutty red lips. She sucked it well, too, although the whore did briefly gag on the plastic cock.
Finally, it was time for missy to take that cock, and a number of others, into her sissy pussy. Mistress bound the slut face up with her ankles locked to wooden posts on each side of an elevated bench. Perfect position to be fucked while missy could still look up in lust at the beautiful flame-haired Goddess and tormentress. Mistress had to use some pretty big cocks, because the slut’s hole was quite loose from all the stretching it had gotten.
One thing missy hadn’t yet experienced was Mistress Julia’s gorgeous feet, and missy is quite the foot worshipper. missy got into position on a floor mat and Mistress Julia delivered kick after kick from her soft, sexy, stocking-covered feet to missy’s clitty and sissy balls. It was heaven and hell at the same time. Afterward, missy was allowed to wipe off her lipstick and kiss and smell the bottom of her Goddess’ beautiful feet.
After nearly a week in chastity, missy’s sissy balls needed to be drained, Mistress Julia said. But she didn’t want the whore to enjoy it too much. So she attached her powerful milking machine to the slut’s clitty, and in just seconds missy had spilled her worthless sissy seed into the device. How pathetic! Of course, whores must drink cum and missy is no exception. Mistress poured the sticky mess from the device directly into missy’s wide-open mouth, and the slut greedily slurped it down.
Then sissy got dressed and went home, covered in cum and pussy juice and with her fake breasts still protruding through her minidress for any nearby driver to see. What a walk, or drive, of shame. 
Thank You Mistress!
Adoringly,sissy slave/slut/whore missy