slave bobbe

First, let me say I am NOT a professional writer, please forgive any syntax or tense issues with the following.
This occurred many years ago.  To me it seems like yesterday.  I had had a closet interest in BDSM for quite a while and had looked at many websites and ad’s that had been posted by Mistresses.  All of them peaked my interest but to be honest, scared me a little.
Then, I came across one that sounded too good to be true.  Her name was Ms. Julia Steele and SHE looked like a goddess!!  As I read her website, I felt at ease.  After some thought, I picked up the phone and called the number on the website.  The most musical, wonderful and sexy voice answered.  I could barely speak.  I explained my interest and after a few questions, we set a time for the following day.
Sleeping was next to impossible that night.  The anticipation of the next day, being in her presence and giving up all control to HER prevented me from sleeping.
I arrived early to her location and knowing that I had agreed to be there at a specified time, thought it prudent to be there at that exact time, not early.  I drove around the neighborhood and burned up the 10 min.
I parked and took a deep breath.  Opened the door and walked around the back and knocked on the door as instructed.  After what seemed like an eternity, the door opened and was gazing at the most amazing woman I had ever seen.  So tall, so magnificently beautiful.  SHE stood there looking at me for several seconds and stepped back and and with a small grin said, “Well, come in”.  Her power was obvious, but SHE put me at ease at the same time.
SHE led me to the dungeon, closed the door…..turned to me and said “strip and then kneel on the floor and wait for me”.  SHE left the room and I did as instructed.  I could barely breath as I knelt there anticipating her return.
As we had discussed on the phone call my interests, SHE had prepared for the session.  First the cuffs and reaching up as SHE connected them to the chains above my head….whispering in my ear from behind, so close, SHE says “Now your mine”….an evil laugh followed….feeling her nails lightly running down my back…..around my side….my chest…..down my stomach…..closer and then SHE quickly turns and walks away laughing…..
Then the flog……lightly at first…..teasing….brushing against my shoulders, my back, my ass…..then WACK!!!  my butt stinging…..then more of the same…..brush, brush, WACK!!!…..then her wonderful hands rubbing my now red ass…..her lips by my ear again..”Now, what shall I do next?”.  (I have to tell you that SHE smells fantastic!!)
What followed was a little ball stretching, the violet wand and light CBT.  I could feel myself going into another dimension.
SHE lead me over to a short table with a Shelf mounted low to the ground.  SHE had me kneel on it, and lay face down on the table and proceed to strap me down until I could not move.  SHE began doing something behind me, I could hear her plugging something in, heard a faint humming, and then felt her hands on my back……”Are you ready” SHE asks…….I say, “For what?”  for that I received a sharp hard hand smack me on my ass.  “I didn’t ask you to ask me anything…..”  So I said, “Yes Ma’am.”
I think I’ll finish this in another story, hopefully SHE will see fit to add to her website.