slave danni’s forced-bi

I waited down the street knowing if I arrived early or late the spanking would be worse.

I pulled into the driveway at the exact time specified.  I walked up to the door and entered. I left my clothes by the door excited by being naked by the door.  I put on the hood as instructed and walked up the stairs and knelt by the door and knocked once.
The door opened and I saw Her shoes and kissed as instructed. Mistress Julia ordered me in and I crawled into the play space. She spoke softly to me and soon I was standing in the room with my hands secured to the chains.  She slowly inspected me and soon I was dripping. I could feel pre-cum starting and She laughed at me. I felt Her touch me and soon told Me to open,  She stuck her fingers in my mouth and I cleaned the pre cum from her fingers.
I was soon secured to the spanking bench and spanked just the way I like it. I felt Her fingers enter me and a rhythm was established.  I felt her putting bands around my balls and the end of my cock.  The electric started slow and build to intensity.  I was afraid I was going to cum. She removed her fingers and replaced them with a toy. She slowly fucked my ass well.
The phone rang and she answered it. I tried to listen but couldn’t make out what She was saying.
I was released from the table and found myself on my knees with my hands bound behind me. She moved away from me and I heard the door close.  It was only a short time when I heard the door open and close. She spoke to me very close to my ear. She asked “will you do anything to please me?”  I said “yes Mistress”.
I was instructed to open, I did as instructed. I felt the cock enter my mouth and slide across my  tongue. She said one word “suck”. I almost panicked but wanted to please Her. I started sucking slow at first then harder and deeper. I bobbed my head up and down. I concentrated on the head. It seemed like a long time but was probably only a few minutes. I could hear some conversation but couldn’t make it out.  The first words I understood was ” yes sub cum for me”.  I sucked harder than ever …
I slumped back and tried to catch my breath. I found myself tied on the table. Mistress used a vibrator on me and let me cum this time…