Wonderful Mistress Julia,

Before anything else, Thank you, thank You, thank You !!! for having accepted my request and allowed me to serve You.  For the past day i have only been thinking about our time together and addressing the range of emotions associated with it.  It was a beautiful ride home and the only thing i regret was having taken a shower afterwards, as You would have been with me all the way back home.

i mentioned that i had not visited a professional Domme in quite some time.  These past several years have not been simple and i am still coming to terms with my newly acquired ‘retired’ title.  This along with tensions with my wife, precisely because of BDSM, has created an environment that has not been conductive to have a positive outcome.  i was about to give up and close BDSM to myself when i decided for one last time, to give it a shot.

Finding the right person, the right Domme is not easy.  Too many advertise and request money upfront just to talk to their customers and in my case, it just drives me away.  Guess i am old fashioned.  i saw Your tweets and something within me told me; Here She is!!  It was something that went beyond Your beauty.  The way You express Yourself indicated an educated mind, which for me is fundamental.

From the moment You engaged me in our correspondence, it confirmed me that You were the correct person.  The question remained, when to request a session?  One of the challenges i currently have is to start an activity and to complete it.  A sign of depression? yes and overcoming it takes time and personal care.  i pretty much kicked myself into high gear and promised  i would meet You.

All the way to Atlanta i was nervous.  The moment You opened the door, Your eyes, Your demeanor, put me at ease.  i was still nervous of what i was getting into, but at ease as You directed me to Your play pen.

The session itself was mind blowing!  your stare, Your smile….. and several of my bucket list items were made a reality;  the bondage chair, the armbinders, the champagne, the ass worship.  If You had asked me to confess, i would have spilled all my life, all my desires to You. The bondage chair was tight and i was unable to move.  At one moment i thought the collar was too tight, but i hung on and more than willing to take on all that You had to give me.  The pegging was extraordinary.  In many cases, i feel pain and have to request a stop almost from the beginning.  Not so yesteday.  You took me step by step, with expertise and patience.  Thank you.  The anal hook was also a first for me, and it was wonderful.  Yet the top experience was Your champagne and Your grinding my face.  If there was a dream come true, this was it!! 

Today my nipples are sore but i have grin on my face since yesterday, that nobody and nothing can take away from me.  You have given me the spark to continue in the BDSM world, to enjoy it and to know that i still have a place in it.  You have given me hope for a better future.

Please excuse the length of this communication but there are so many feelings pushing to get out as i type.  You are a wonderful, exciting Woman, that  i hope You accept to see me again to serve You and for You to get to know me better.   i still have a bottle of champagne that i will hand deliver to You as i kneel in front of You.

Humbly Yours