Testimonial from “cr mi”

From the first time i saw a photo of Ms Julia and read about Her online, i knew i had to serve Her.  Thirteen years later, i am so thankful i was granted the opportunity.  i could gush about how amazingly beautiful She is.  How immaculate She looked each time i was able to see her; from Her hair, to Her makeup, to Her out, everything was always perfect.  But from the first time you are in Her presence, you recognize there is something very special about Her.  There is an aura about Her that you instantly realize She is in complete control; that you are Her toy to be played with in any way She wants.  You will gladly do whatever She wants; things you never dreamed of doing but will do to please Her.
Unfortunately for me, i moved away from Atlanta a little over a year ago and can no longer experience the feeling of Her control.  my new city has quite a BDSM scene, and i have had the opportunity to session with a few, in hope of finding a new “owner”.  i can honestly say there is no replacing Ms. Julia.  Trust me when i say, if you have an opportunity to serve Her, do not pass it up.  There is not one thing you will regret from that decision.  Except maybe not making it sooner.