The Game

The challenge was set. He arrived at Mistress’ door shaking, wondering what he had gotten himself into. What would she do to him? Would she be merciful or relentless? His cock bulged in his pants, knowing already that there really wouldn’t be a “challenge”, as Mistress would toy with him but ultimately end the game at her whim.

Cuffs were placed on his wrists and ankles. He was ordered to stand in place with his arms to his sides as Mistress wrapped him tightly with saran wrap from his shoulders down to just the top of his hard cock. He was trapped, bound tightly in a cocoon, unable to move his arms at all. He was then placed on the bondage bed, wrist cuffs fastened to eyehooks, legs spread and ankles fastened in the same fashion. He was now laid out helpless for Mistress’ game to begin.

She would make this sweetly torturous for him. She slowly pulled off her spiked heels and lace dress. She casually climbed up on the table and positioned herself straddeling her prey, seated on his chest, her ass resting just inches from his worried face. His cock was ready for her. He knew the rules. His cock was hers to command. He must not cum, no matter what she did to him. He dare not explode without her permission. He knew the consequences of that. His mind was reeling. He was scared. His cock would surely betray him. He was lost…

What a delicious scene. I will not spill the details or outcome. I’ll leave that to your imagination, sluts!