The Impact of My Work…

I recently received this email from someone I had sessioned with a couple of years ago.

Oh Ms Steele,
I just wanted to write you and tell you how much you’ve meant to me.  I doubt that you would remember me.  I came to you only 2 times. I pierced my nipples to  endure the pain that I relished from you then you were so gracious as to let me serve you one more time be for I went to Australia for a un conventional cancer treatment.  Its been nearly 2 years since you allowed me to to taste your discipline and sweet  juices.  Im back in the state s now and I’ve been given a  85% chance. which is 80% better than the doctors here gave me.    I just wanted you to know that as often as I could I looked at your website and the stunning pictures of you as a source as encouragement.  Your beauty and stern demeanor helped me on those difficult days  of treatment.  Of course my family connections were important but no one will ever know except you how the brief time spent with you gave me so much encouragement.   On those days when I was lying on the bed getting those painful treatments  I would close my eyes And picture myself with you.  Even today I can close my eyes and see you.   You truly helped to save my life.   Thank you.
This is one of the most profound examples of why I love doing the work I do!