The Lesson

The Appointment

It had been 4 months since my first session with Mistress Julia. Moments from that first session are etched into my memory and my dreams. Mistress Julia took me to levels in subspace that I had not experienced before.

Of all of the amazing things about Mistress Julia (and there are so many) I admire Her passion for Her craft the most. Her posts and pictures on twitter, her demeanor during the session and the effort she takes to plan her sessions all ooze with that passion. As a sub, it’s a huge turn-on for me to see that a Mistress is enjoying the session as well. When I’m under Mistress Julia’s control, I feel like She is always present, always active, and always involved in every single moment. That’s an incredible and rare ability. I can’t express in words how much respect has grown in me for Her after experiencing that first hand.

I emailed Mistress Julia hoping to schedule a 3 hour session. She responded promptly as She always seems to. I was scheduled for a lesson that we shall call a session.

The Vision

On the day of the session, I showed up bearing gifts at Mistress Julia’s house with a blue door and rang the bell. As I waited, a mix of emotions filled me. Joy and excitement to see Mistress Julia again. And trepidation at what was to come in the dungeon. Would I be able to survive Mistress Julia? I trusted Mistress Julia and I knew that I would be safe under Her care. But I worried and hoped I wouldn’t wimp out under punishment and disappoint Mistress Julia. Had I been too cocky in my emails about being a painslut?

After a few moments, the blue door opened slowly to reveal Mistress Julia. Mistress Julia is a vision of feminine perfection. She has me under Her spell from that first sight. Mistress Julia is naturally beautiful but She prepares impeccably to put her subs under her spell from the first moment. The blue door and the vision behind it becomes a siren call for those of us who have been fortunate to submit to Her.

Mistress is perfection from head to toe. Mistress has the most amazing silky hair. I’m mesmerized by how each strand falls perfectly behind her shoulders and waves like a curtain of silken strands as she moves. She wore a sexy red lingerie with a figure hugging latex skirt over it. The clothes perfectly accentuated Her beauty.

Mistress wore no heels this time. I had seen a tweet from Mistress about being happy at the comfort of not having to wear heels for a session. So I requested Her to be as comfortable as She wanted to be when we met as well. Mistress had towered over me in Her heels when we met the first time. While I missed the intimidation I felt as she looked down on me from her heels and circled me like a lioness does to her prey, I felt happy that Mistress was comfortable. Mistress’s happiness in itself would create a virtuous cycle. I would later find out just how comfortable Mistress Julia felt on Her feet when She put on a fantastic whipping ballet as she danced on her bare feet while throwing stroke after stroke from Her flogger.

Mistress Julia turned around and beckoned me to follow Her up the stairs to the hall. Her latex skirt had an open back that opened from below Mistress’s Ass. Under it she wore the sexiest of red thongs. I had the privilege to see Mistress’s amaaazing ass!! Any torment I had to suffer was going to be worth the privilege to be close to it. I followed Her up the stairs like a puppy while trying to enjoy the view for as long as I could. I wish those stairs had gone on forever!

The Submission

In the hall, I gave Mistress Julia the gifts that I had brought: alkaline water, wine and vodka. In hindsight I wish I had the courage to get on my knees to present them to Her, as gifts should be presented to a Goddess. Instead of standing around awkwardly like an idiot. 

I also gave a bottle of KY Jelly lube that I brought. Mistress Julia had tasked me with bringing a bottle of jelly, which I completely flubbed by getting lube instead. I couldn’t tell if Mistress was disappointed that I messed up or amused that I didn’t know the difference between jelly and lube. She ominously promised to teach me the difference today: lube for the outside, jelly for the inside.

The Session

Mistress Julia ordered me to follow her down the stairs into the dungeon and I followed. Her dungeon is impressive! The same attention Mistress Julia has given to Her appearance has been given to impeccably prepare the dungeon, which feels like a creative extension of Herself. It’s aesthetically beautiful with a red and black theme. The lighting was adjusted to set the mood. There are several pieces of dungeon furniture and a large collection of toys, whips, floggers, canes, etc. It’s more toys and devices than I have been able to take in visually at one time. 

Act I

Mistress ordered me to freshen up in the restroom and return naked. When I returned, I was placed in wrist cuffs and bound to a chain suspended overhead. My cock and balls were locked in a stockade, which exposed all of my sensitive bits for Mistress Julia to do as She wished and I had no choice but to stay in place. She picked a flogger from her collection and began flogging my back. 

Mistress went through several floggers of different types from Her collection: stingy, thuddy, heavy. There was one particular flogger with long wide straps, which left an impression on me, literally. The weight and pain it brought on my back was immense. I loved it and dreaded it at the same time. 

I could watch Mistress Julia swinging with vigor in the mirror in front of me. At one point she put on a whipping ballet dancing back and forth barefoot as She swung Her forehand stepping to the left and backhand stepping to the right. I was in sub-heaven as I watched Mistress Julia smile and giggle as she swung the flogger. She seemed to enjoy it too as She increased the tempo and swung harder. I hope I made a good canvas.

Mistress Julia gave my exposed cock and balls attention too. I thought the C&B stockade was just to keep me in place. Boy, was I wrong. In between flogging my back, Mistress added some cock flogging to the mix. She used a nasty small flogger on my cock. And She got me really good. I saw after the session that it had left marks on my cock’s head. Mistress had alternated between giving me pain from the flogger and pleasure by teasing my cock. After the cock flogging, it was even more pain mixed into the teasing as rubbing my cock was painful from the welts the flogger left.

Act II

Mistress Julia must have felt that my back had gotten enough attention. She let me off the overhead bondage and I was directed to a bondage chair and locked in place. My back was protected on the chair, but my nipples, C&B and the front of my body were exposed. She tortured my nipples with various clamps including a claw clamp. I had seen those in BDSM videos and wondered how painful they might be. I can’t recall how painful they were now because Mistress Julia had locked eyes with me as she put them on me and that’s what I remember the most.

Mistress Julia attached electrodes to my cock and ramped up the electricity. I writhed under the pain as it felt like my cock was being crushed from the inside. Mistress looked deep into my eyes, with a smile and asked:

“Are you not grateful for the attention I’m giving your cock?”

I said “Yes I am, Mistress” 

“Then why aren’t you thanking Me!”

“Thank You Mistress!”

I continued thanking Her as the electricity flowed through me. In between the electric surges, Mistress rewarded me by allowing me to worship Her glorious breasts! They are absolutely perfect with the most beautiful little perky red nipples! I was surprised at first and didn’t know what to do. I was lucky to be so close to them. I didn’t want to do something wrong. But instinctively I started kissing them and looked at Mistress to see if she disapproved. She didn’t seem to and continued with torturing my cock as I continued to enjoy my lucky day.


I was next bound on a spanking bench. Mistress turned Her attention to my ass. She started slowly with a paddle and built up the intensity becoming increasingly painful by the minute. Mistress Julia then showed me a prison strap! It was a huge black strap. Just the sight alone was intimidating. Each stroke from it took my breath away. As Mistress kept strapping, I put my head down and accepted my punishment. I was probably yelling out louder than usual. I was also getting close to crying but tried to hold back from it. I have never cried in a session but this strap was so painful. I accepted that I might tear up and braced for the strokes that were going to break me. Mistress Julia must’ve sensed it because She showed me mercy and relented just as I was at the point of crying.

She gave my ass a break. I caught my breath as I saw Mistress Julia put on a pair of gloves.  That could only mean one thing! It was time for the lesson Mistress promised for my mistake: “jelly for the inside, lube for the outside”. Mistress was actually gentle as She taught me the difference. She inserted a finger into my ass with lube and I could feel the resistance and the “drag”. Next She inserted the finger with jelly and it went in much more smoothly. She said, see “jelly for the inside, lube for the outside. They both have their purpose.”

Mistress Julia is an ass-pert! I have been curious about anal play and dabbled in it in the past but never enjoyed it until Mistress Julia. I had started considering it a soft limit when I met Mistress Julia but under Mistress Julia’s control I’ve started enjoying it. I hope that one day She will be able to take me properly. Mistress proceeded to stretch me out slowly with Her fingers. Once She felt I was ready, she began inserting a dildo. It wasn’t going in easily since I’m tight. I tried to relax by breathing as Mistress had taught me in the previous session and it went in. She left it on vibrate for some time. For good measure, She gave me a few more swats with the prison strap. Ouch!

To be continued…