“Under Your Control” by lee

As I drive down the driveway mind beginning to race I try to make sure and remember “look for the blue door”.  I make the final turn and now see blue in front of me and my heart begins to race.  I slowly slip into the driveway and know there is no turning back now.  If I had any remote thoughts of wanting to turn back my mind & body both quickly remind me “You are under Her control”.
Approaching the door I realize how nervous and excited I am to see Ms Julia Steele.  I ring the door bell and hear a familiar sound moving across the floor. Each click increasing my excitement and nerves of entering into her domain and being restrained unable to escape whatever tortures She has planned.  I have arrived and it is time.  “I hope I can please Her today.” As the door slowly opens I hear a voice “Come In”.  I enter shaking with nerves and before me now stands the most beautiful Goddess.  I hear the door bolt click as a reminder She now has full control and I will be going nowhere until She is done with me.
I stand in Her presence as She begins to look Her toy over.  I am left speechless and feel overwhelmed to just fall to Her feet and worship Her.  She looks amazing in her outfit and it reinforces my thoughts that I am going to be fully used as Her slut.  She looks amazing as always and I know I will soon be suffering for the view She has allowed and pokes through the fishnet in Her outfit.  “Hello” She greets me warmly and gives me a hug.  She knows I am nervous and wants to help initially calm me.  “Hello” I respond as I take in her touch and smell with Her warm embrace.  This helps to relax me which is exactly what She intended.

“Why don’t you go ahead and strip now” She whispers in my ear.  “We can’t have you with more clothes on then Me now can we? You are under My full control and I will have you completely immobilized for me before I am done with you.” Any relaxed feelings I had before are gone,  again completely intended.  Racing with nerves again I know there is no getting away.  I know She will do what she wants with my mind and body and only hope I can please Her while She plays with Her toy.  I slowly remove my clothes and succumb further to Her full control. The voice in my head says “You are Ms Julia Steels slut”.  As I stand in front of Her completely bare I can now tell by Her look “I am in for it today”.
“Well let’s get you warmed up” Ms Steele says as she leads me to her dungeon.  She sees I have provided my attachments in an initial configuration for her and she plans to fully torture me with them.  I can see the gleam in Her eyes as She applies the electro lube and begins to hook each attachment to me. I am unable to resist She already has all control over me.  “Now I can being to play with my toy” She says as she lies down on the table.  “I want you to use the massage oil on my feet and legs while I warm things up and play with My controls.  As I put the oil in my hands and begin to rub it into her beautiful feet and legs I suddenly feel light shocks in my cock and balls.  She has begun to play with Her toy and lightly experimenting with different settings.  Now move up to my thighs” She tells me.  Barely able to think this reinforces thoughts of only wanting to please Her in any way possible and am thankful She has allowed me to worship Her.
“I think it’s time I restrained you a little.”  I am lead to stand in front of a mirror and can feel the tingling effect left from the experimental shocks I had already taken for her entertainment.  Restraints are attached to my hands and they are spread and tied above me.  “Spread your legs wide now.”  I obey immediately and feel the restraints go on as I am now locked spread wide for Her.  I feel the touch of Her hands as She walks up behind me.  “Now you are exposed and only have the movement I want slut” She whispers. She has been warming my nipples up with Her hands while standing behind me and I now feel the pinch of the nipple clamps.  “There we go” as my body moves to the initial pain.  The electro shocks have now also begun again with increased intensity.  I am being forced to moan and move as there is no escaping the teasing and torture. She circles me observing the effects of different sensations and levels and I hope I am pleasing Her.  Pain & pleasure as She perfectly controls my body learning from the effects of each experiment to further use in my suffering as Her slut. I begin to feel the numbing effect that is occurring from all the different shocks being forced through me in different ways.  She is controlling my movement and moaning as I move against the restraints.  I can feel electro shocks through my urethra and hitting my prostate sometimes making it feel like I will be forced over the edge and other times like it prevents it.  Each change continues to overload me as it continues to force my movement and put on a show for Her.   I have lost all track of time and suddenly feel another pain as the nipple clamps are removed.  Before I know what is happening I feel Her tongue on my nipples as shocks fly from Her tongue to my nipples.  Feeling fully used from all the sensations I am continually worked over keeping me moving and struggling in my restraints.  “You have done well but I plan to use you much more before I am done with you” she says.   Electro to my cock & balls is now turned off and I can feel the full numbing effect the shocks have had.  I am given a few hard flicks for good measure and make sure I am fully aware of how I have been used as Her slut.
Exhausted I am removed from my standing restraints and now lead to the bondage table.  Unable to hardly think I lay down as instructed.  I am now tied spread to the table and straps added to my chest and thighs to restrict my movements even more.  “Let’s tie these balls up also” Ms Steele says as rope begins to be wrapped around my balls then pulled tight and tied to a chain above me on the table.  “Perfect!  You are only allowed the movement I want you to have again.”  Climbing on the table She now straddles me and lowers onto my face taking my breath.  I feel a couple of whips and flicks across my cock head which forces me to immediately moan and attempt to move with my very little movement available.  Then I feel the electro shocks.  She is using info from earlier to maximize my moaning and attempts to move in the restraints.  She intends to work me over as She switches back and forth between the whips/flicks and electro shocks.  I am her play thing and she will use me however she wants now.  Pain & Pleasure I must take whatever she wants me to.
Now completely used and exhausted she begins to remove the restraints.  I am barely able to move as I thank Her.  Before I am able to recover I see the leather sleep sack in Her hands.  “I want you fully immobilized for me now” she says.  I obey and slide into it for Her and it is closed up with only the intended parts She wants exposed.  I feel rope tied to my feet and stretched tight.  Straps then added to my thighs and chest holding me to the table.  I am completely unable to move and I feel the only thing She wants to move twitching for Her.  I feel like I am wrapped in a cocoon and She will play with Her toy until she is ready to devour.  My mind begins to race as I have already been completely used and exhausted.  My mind becomes quickly aware that She has begun to play as I feel the flicks from Her fingers hitting my cock .  This forces my body to try and move and fully reminds me that I have no ability to move at all.  Pain, pleasure, edging, torture it all blends together and I must take it all for Her.  “Now its best if you just let me do what I want, though I am not sure you have much of a choice” She says with a smile on Her face.  What does She have in store for me.  I only know I will not be going anywhere until She is done with me…  I hope it pleases Her as I accept Her total control and am forever Her slut…