You are truly one of a kind

As You know, I had the honor of Your presence (and other things ;-)) in my first ever prodomme session on Sunday afternoon. I’m not good at expressing my intense feelings with words, but I still want to say that you were phenomenal in every way:

1)      Intuition and expertise: You handle every aspect of Your role in such a skillful and professional way. You just know and feel the right timing & touch at any given moment; when to switch gears, and how much intensity to apply. You had perfect control over the whipping strength, every hit was slightly stronger than the last, with a smooth buildup. I didn’t expect so much of Your precious saliva, but somehow You intuitively knew that I would savor it. I loved the way You placed Your perfect feet on my nose. While the scent of Your feet was subtle, it was the loveliest smell I have ever inhaled. It was my favorite moment of the session.

2)      Your gorgeous and classy appearance: When the ancient Greeks were visualizing Venus, they must have thought of You. You are female perfection, from your long, sexy legs, to your soft, beautiful facial silhouette.

3)      Character: By being an independent Domme, you show that Your leadership is genuine. From some of Your writings over the years, I got the vibe that you are someone special and display extraordinary integrity and intelligence. After meeting You, my beliefs were confirmed: I’m convinced that you are a wonderful person with a big heart (obviously without any concessions in natural confidence and sense of superiority). The combination of your soft femininity with sadistic dominance is so sexy. Beyond the unlocking of a merely superficial top-bottom connection for pleasure, I felt deep respect and trust in face of Your authentic maturity, expertise, integrity, and leadership. You are the true representation of female power.

You make your slaves feel happier than any drug, therapist, vacation, producer or anything else can. You bring so much joy & excitement to the world that you knock the top of the Maslow pyramid out of the ballpark. I have considered a session with You for more than 12 years I believe (since high school). I now consider those years wasted; I wish I could take a time capsule back, serve you, and experience the euphoria you gave me on Sunday over and over again. The feeling of something missing is finally gone; I feel complete (at least for now), being part in Your ownership. You changed my life.

I can’t wait to book my next session with You. I love those welts you left on my back and ass; too bad they are healing so quickly already.